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Velvet tip

Velvet tip

The pen-and-velvet is a passerine bird in the tanager family. It is also known as weevil-the-board, board Tanager (Natal / RN), fig, fig-pen-and-velvet, tanager-of-field, tanager-brown, Tanager Caboclo (Minas Gerais), left-velvet , fox, tiê-velvet and papa-orange (Minas Gerais), morning coffee (sao paulo).

The dorsal plumage is blue-gray, has a black mask on the face. At the bottom, throat, chest and belly are acanelados. The underbelly is white-gray. Species without sexual dimorphism.
Has a melodious song, repeated incessantly that can vary from region to region and is now "cleaner" now more "tangled". Length: 18 cm; Weight: 38 grams.

Granivorous. It feeds also fruit. Appreciates the fruits of Tapia or tanheiro (glandulosa Alchornea).

Occur between 2-3 clutches per season. Add 2-3 eggs. The incubation takes about 13 days. The pups are independent of 35-40 days.

Can be found in cerrado, caatinga, high fields, dirty fields, gardens and above the forest line.
Solitary or live in pairs, perched on low bushes, often in fairly open areas. Joins mixed flocks eventually. Lands on top of small trees to sing and look.

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