domingo, 1 de dezembro de 2013


Sabia Gonga

The Rufous-Gonga is a Thraupidae passerine family. Also known as Trinca-iron-gray, Trinca-iron-of-amazon and Gonga.
Scientific name: Saltator coerulescens⇒ dancer blue or bluish dancer.

It is approximately 20 cm long. No sexual dimorphism. Youth back and greenish chest and beak with gray spots. The couple can sing synchronously (vocal duet).

Omnivore. It feeds mainly fruit.

It reaches sexual maturity at 12 months. Nests type cup of sticks and grasses. Add 2-3 pale blue eggs with thin black streaks, and 2-3 litters per season. The chicks hatch after 13 days.

It is common in shrub areas and dry forests, abandoned pastures, fields with isolated bushes and trees, gardens in cities, clearings, riverbanks and wetlands in more humid areas. Live in pairs or in small groups loud and easy to observe.

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