domingo, 27 de outubro de 2013

Canary swamp

Canary swamp

The canary-the swamp is a passerine bird in the Emberizidae family.

It measures 18 cm. Species southern swamp, like the canary-of-field (Emberizoides herbicola), being however, clearly smaller. It has the tail relatively shorter, wider and striation of the black upper side, sides of the head instead of brownish gray, more carved central rectrices, black jaw, tômias and yellowish marbling and has also clear brownish legs.

  It feeds and takes refuge at the base of the plants, but flies sometimes high far away.

Plated dwells and campos.Vive in marshes interspersed range areas, sometimes in small swamps, almost dry, with clumps of broom (Baccharis sp).

Reproductive habits ...

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