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The Saíra-Diamond (Tangara velia) is a passerine bird in the tanager family.

Almost no apparent sexual dimorphism in this species. In both sexes, the plumage is almost turquoise and black all. The male has a yellow forehead, abdomen brown, black back and yellow rump. Weighs about 19 g and measuring 14 cm in length.

It is a frugivorous species. In the same way as other tanagers, T. Velia feeds berries, small fruits, seeds, insects and collecting the foliage.

The breeding season extends from spring to summer. The nest is in cup shape, with 9 cm in diameter and 5 cm deep. Add 2 or 3 eggs, about 15 to 17 days of incubation. Sexual maturity occurs after 12 months.

It is usually found in small groups in the treetops of forests in the border, in plantations and clearings with tall trees. Usually frequent mixed flocks.

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