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Also known as open headstrong, papa-fly-hood, and Uri (Rio de Janeiro), the headstrong is a bird of Rhynchocyclidae family. It stands out from other birds of the forest interior by having a black area on the sides of the head like an ear. When lands upright or tilted slightly upward, increasing the illusion that the head is disproportionate to the body, reason for the common name in other parts of Brazil.

Lands upright or tilted slightly upward from below to near the ground crown. It is observed in open areas or outside the dense vegetation. His call, loud and distinctive, seems to come from a much larger bird. It is a strong laugh and relatively long, with well separated notes. After learned, one can observe it more easily. She is not very shy, but the general color green bottle, washed with yellow on the belly makes it difficult to distinguish it among the leaves.

Hunting insects in flight or under leaves, leaving the perch and catching prey. He does not return to the landing point, going to eat in another branch and following the inner Patrol kills continuously.

Build one of the most elaborate nests of birds. It is a large mass of plant material, hanging in roots of fallen trees or in bounds. Rounded, the outside is made of leaf debris, fungal filaments, mosses and kapok, all twisted with care and looking like a natural curl, not a nest. The entrance's side, with an upper protection while the nest itself is made of kapok fibers. Very compact is constructed for one month and show great resistance to the elements. It is from a few inches off the ground to a few meters in height.

Solitary lives or in couples. Like to land in vines and twigs, in exposed areas of the inside of the forest. Perched raises often only one wing.

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