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The Owl is a strigiforme striped owl in the Strigidae family. Also known as corujão.

The owl-striped, very rare and little studied species, is a medium-sized owl measuring about 35 cm in length weighing 285-340 grams. Its common name is due to striped plumage.

It feeds mainly on insects, mice, rats, and can prey on lizards and small birds occasionally.

Its breeding season begins between August and October, nesting in hollow logs and trees, feature that is not very frequent and for which the owls compete with a host of other animals. It has a 29 days of incubation period on average, with the pups already fully independent with about 4 months.

Although considered endemic to the Atlantic Forest, this species was recorded in the Campus of the State University of Goiás, in Annapolis-Go, in the cerrado drain, which would indicate a higher rate of area for this species. Due to the destruction of their habitats is considered near threatened with extinction due to drastic reduction of rainforest remaining, striped owl suffered a sharp decline in their range.

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