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Chupa tooth

Chupa tooth

The suck tooth is a passerine bird in the Conopophagidae. Also known as suck tooth-brown and samoco.

Size 14 cm. Almost equal sexes, the color of male similar to the female-to-breathing mask black (Conopophaga melanops), but shall have no black design on the back. Brown, belly brancacenta, whitish jaw, has showy white post-ocular tuff, eyebrow may be lacking in female tuft gray or red.

Solitary or couples, foraging near the ground, often on vertical perches inside or on the edges of forests.

Nests close to the ground or a few times. During the breeding season, when he also sings the male produces, at dusk, a loud noise, "brrro-brrro-brrro", with the expanded apically primary, which is sharper in the second and third external primary; can even modular and extend the noise according to the words transposing flying, continues with this buzzing almost into the night. Mating flies out silently.

It occurs in dry forests, gallery forests, mesophile forests, and certain forests humid between 300 and 2400 meters. Meets quickly to "playback" to his call and sings its song in twilight hours.

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