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The nighthawk is a bird in the caprimulgiforme Caprimulgidae family. Also known as whippoorwill, common-curiango, ju-jau, tomorrow-I-will (in Brazil), ibijau, measured leagues, acurana and-ku-ku (Indian names - Mato Grosso). Scientific synonym: Nyctidromus albicollis (Gmelin, 1789). Your name is onomatopoeic and derives from its vocalization.

It measures about 30 inches long. The male has a wide range in the wings (seen in flight) and the sides of the white tail and the female has a narrow yellow band on the wings and only the white tail tip.

Out to feed at night. Insects capture in flight.

Nests are placed directly on the ground. Add 2 reddish-yellow eggs of brown stained. Puppies have an almost perfect camouflage, because they have a very similar to the dry foliage color of the forest floor and where the parents leave the nest, they remain immobile, it is very difficult to see them. Both the male and female care for the young.

Common in forest edges, open barns, fields of isolated trees, savannas, forest patches can also be found in secondary forests and reforestation process. He lives on the ground. It is only seen during the day only if amazed. On these occasions, fly short distances and then back to disappear amid the undergrowth, trying to camouflage through the foliage on the substrate.

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