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Woodcreeper great

Woodcreeper great

The large-Woodcreeper is a passerine bird in the family Dendrocolaptidae. Also known as woodcreeper-billed straight (PE), run-stick, agouti-of-staff (MG), subideira, climbing and Tarascan.

His name means the (Greek) = dendrokolaptes woodpecker; and (Latin) Platus = large; and the (Greek) rostrum = beak. - (Woodpecker thick beak, broad).


It is about 26 cm. Has transverse bands on the belly, reddish tail, whitish throat, pileus and striated chest, its beak is black brown and almost straight tip.

Usually issue a sequence of simple whistles, "tchri ..."


It is insectivorous. With the help of its beak, explores cracks in the wood, bark and bromeliads, from which it takes spiders, scorpions, flies, frogs, tadpoles and lizards. Occasionally catch bees and ants-of-correição.


To nest, uses trees in an advanced state of decomposition, trunks mined by fire and even hollow woodpeckers.


It is arboreal, living in the woods, in the cerrado and even buritizais. Reveals his nervousness shaking the wings, when threatened hides behind the trunks with half-open wings. Is associated, after the reproductive court, the mixed flocks of birds.

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