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Araçari banana

The banana-Aracari (Pteroglossus bailloni) is a species of bird in the piciforme Ramphastidae family.
His name means the (Greek) pteros = feather, wing; and glossa = tongue; pteroglossus = with feathered language; and bailloni = tribute to the lawyer, naturalist and collector of French species, Jean Francois Emmanuel Baillon (1744-1802). ⇒ Ave and feathered language Baillon.

It measures 35cm in length.

It feeds on fruits (namely palm) and insects, as well as eggs and young of other birds. Enjoying Michelia champaca (Magnolia yellow)

Nests in tree wells, placing 2 to 4 egg whites.

It inhabits the canopy of tall forests in mountainous regions. Lives in small groups, usually around six or seven individuals.

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