domingo, 27 de outubro de 2013

Soft tail of the mountain

Soft tail of the mountain

Species endemic to Brazil. The tail-mole-the-mountain, also known as tailed canary, is a passerine family Emberizidae.

Very similar to Chalk-plated (Embernagra platensis), but with a white or yellowish narrow ring around the eye (the ring is interrupted anterior and later), and a line of the same color above the anegrado beak; uniform green back, not striated as in Chalk-plated; yellowish white throat.

It feeds on insects and fruit.

Has an average of 2 litters per season with 3 eggs each. In the breeding season, form groups of up to eight individuals most males trying to impress females.

Inhabiting the savannah vegetation or in barns. Are most of the time on the ground or in small bushes.

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