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The stray leaf is a passerine bird in the family Scleruridae. Also known as pincha-mote, sweeper, anteaters, ciscador and turn-leaf-red.

His name means the (Greek) = skleros hard, hard; and oura = tail; and (Latin) = scandere climb, climb. ⇒ (Ave) hard tail climber.


Averages 19,5cm and has syndactyly (connection between the 3rd and 4th fingers), which may be an adaptation to the act of landing on vertical perches.

Voice: prolonged stanza, trill of whistles clear in gently undulating sequence recalling the song of the canary-of-kingdom and ants pope, as Myrmoborus or Merulaxis. Call: "Spix, Spix".


It basically feed on insects, larvae and beetle hunted by the soil on the substrate the dense forest between the dry leaves or even fallen old trunks.


Build nests in existing holes in cliffs from which digs a wide gallery at the end where prepares a mattress and intertwined dried petioles.


Terrestrial species. Silvestre, lives hidden in the darkest parts of the forest where it is impossible to distinguish colorful details.

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