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small Suiriri

small Suiriri

The breakfast is a passerine bird suiriri the Tyrannidae family. Also known as Tropical Kingbird and suiriri-of-eyebrows-yellow.

His name means the (Greek) satrap, satrapës = originating from the ancient Persian ksathra Pavan = country protector; = Persian satrap viceroy; and the (Greek) ikteros, jaundice = yellow; and ophrus = eyebrow icterophrys = yellow eyebrow. ⇒ Shield country of yellow eyebrow or bird satrap of yellow eyebrow.


It measures 15 cm. Short beak, green-olive upper side intense, sides of the head, wings and tail anegrados, broad brow and all the underside of an intense yellow, whitish wing with two tracks.


It feeds on arthropods that are caught up with the tips of the jaws.


During mating performing characteristic statements. The nest is presented in the cup, are 1 to 4 positions with whitish eggs and brown spots, dark spots, one of the poles.


Dwells on the verge of secondary forest, salt marsh and pond edge. Usually land upright. Your nervousness is terminated by sudden movements of wings. Like taking shower of rain or on wet foliage. It's tough.

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