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The scissors-the-woods is a passerine bird in the family Cotingidae.

His name means Phibalura = French name for this bird given by viellot (1816), with probable origin in the (Greek) = phibalös slender; and the (Greek) oura = tail; and (Latin) flavus = yellow; and rostris = nozzle; flavirostris = ⇒ beak bird with thin tail and beak.


It feeds on small fruits of the forest and flying insects. Particularly enjoying the fruits of bird grass.


It makes its nest in small colonies, in separate but nearby trees from each other (less than 100 m). Seem to have no preference for type of tree, have been seen nesting in Araucaria, brave pine and even low tree, dry. The nest is made exclusively of a dry moss, naturally present in the branches and trunks. So it is difficult to identify the nest. Not always the nest is in the highest, has been found a nest to 3 m from the ground. Per nest are created one or two cubs. Parents care of the puppies taking turns, one taking care of the nest or just watching a few meters (when the puppies are from 10 days) when the other food search. From the earliest days the chicks are fed insects, larvae and small fruits of the forest (such as fruit ivy and bird grass). The chicks leave the nest very immature, much smaller than the parents and short plumage, black and white coloring, with little yellow. Still need the help of parents for a time.


Outside the breeding season, come in flocks. Has record of a bunch of 8 individuals (3 Pines Inn in Campos do Jordao).

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