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Dress yellow

Dress yellow

** Threatened with extinction **

The yellow dress is a passerine bird in the Icteridae family. Also known as bird-black-yellow-dress.

It measures 19-21 cm long, weighs 43 g. Bird with gorgeous plumage in intense yellow and black.

It feeds on insects and their larvae, like locusts and lagartas.O bunch nourished in the soil and, in Belton, tend to be associated with solitary individuals of little bride-to-tail-black (Xolmis dominicanus).

Between October and December, the female builds the nest-shaped deep bowl, composed of grasses and woven grasses, deep and low height, less than a meter from the ground, tied in vegetation, in soggy ground. It lays one to five clear eggs with dark red spots, which are hatched for about 12 days. The nest is defended by the male, but the couple ends up favoring other allies in the defense of their offspring: when Chopim-the-swamp or the little bride-tailed black-nest nearby, the aggressiveness of these neighbors just before predators by protecting them also. But to perpetuate the species nest have to survive the risk of burning and cattle trampling, but mostly the parasitism turns dung, which lays its eggs in the nests of several bird species, including the clothes yellow.

It lives in swamps, wetlands and other open environments. It is almost always seen in monospecific flocks of 10 to 50 individuals and rarely reach 100. Maintains a cooperation and entertainment system with other bird species in the areas where it occurs.

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