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Juriti pupu

The juriti-pupu is a columbiforme bird in the Columbidae family. Also known as pu-pu (Rio Grande do Sul).
Leptotila Greek mites = slender, thin, thin, thin + = ptilon plumage (ref format of the primary remiges esternas the like.); verreauxi tribute naturalistic and French collectors Edouard Verreaux (1810-1868) and Pierre Jules Verreaux (1808-1873).

Is 29 inches long and weighs between 160 and 215 grams. Their plumage is brown, with light chest, gray head with some metallic reflections neck and high back. It also has a bluish tinge around the eyes.
Very shy, so flies and hides, and most often notice their presence by the characteristic song that is melancholy and repetitive: "pu ... puuu", where its other name juriti-pupu.

It granívora and frugivorous because eating grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables. With a quick tip movement turns the dead leaves to find seeds and fallen fruit, this movement is also used to extract seeds that fell into a slot, play it on the ground to catch them then.

Its nest is made of small sticks, unlined. It is so thin that sometimes the two eggs in a clear-dirty color can fall to the ground. You can nest in coffee plants and at the entrance of limestone caves, inside the forest.

He lives in the woods and well wooded environments, often coming to the ground in search of grain, of which it feeds. Common ground in hot habitats, such as barns and adjacent fields, dense forests edges and closed. Solitary lives or in pairs. It feeds on seeds and fruits on the floor. When disturbed, flees walking quietly, or fly, making a sound with their wings, to a nearby tree.
Flies well. Produces a whistling noise. Moves on the ground walking with kids and scurrying; To head with each step taken, for a moment in order to better observe the surroundings. There never skips. Yawning. It does not hide his head in his feathers back to sleep. Like water and prefers to drink water early in the morning or in the evening. After the male have Galado the female, she "gala" the male. Shows nervousness by swinging tail.

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