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OWL devil

OWL devil

The Mocho devil is a family of estrigídeos owl, also known as owl-owl devil and devil's. Live in areas of cerrado and artificial pine forests in the Amazon, Midwest, Southeast and South.
Receives these names because of their dark color and the bright red color of the eyes to reflect the incident light, recalling the figure of a "devil".
France: Hibou maitre-bois
Germany: Styxeule
Spain: Búho Negruzco
First description: nyctalops stygius - Wagler. 1832 - Minas Gerais - Brazil

Medium-size owl, ranging from 38 to 46 cm. It features dark aspect with two "ears" erect, eyes showing yellow iris. The adult weighs between 591 and 675g.

It feeds on small mammals, including bats, and birds up to the size of pigeons. Also included are other small vertebrates and insects.
Its hunting habit to attack the prey coming from a perch. Bats are hunted in flight.

During courtship, it is common male and female vocalizarem near the nest site. Breeding season coincides with the spring in the southern hemisphere.
In trees, using twigs nests abandoned by large birds. Eventually nest on the ground in a shallow depression. The female usually boot two white eggs, which are incubated exclusively for her.
The nestlings are fed by the couple.

Strictly nocturnal owl. It hides during the day in dense foliage or tree branch covered with epiphytes, usually near the trunk.
When alarmed, presents quite thin and upright posture, with "ears" (tuft of feathers) upright. When in a relaxed position, the "ears" remain lowered and not visible.
Very territorial: Males call in its territory, singing in the trees
Inhabits the rainforest to semi-arid in mountainous areas, with altitudes ranging from 600 to 3000 m, locally perhaps even higher altitudes if trees present.
Also semi-open landscapes with sparse groups of trees and shrubs.
Normally does not occur in low areas (only locally).
It may be spotted in wooded urban areas.

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