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The goldfinch is a passerine bird in the Finch family. It is also known as goldfish-miner, goldfinch-to-head black and pintassilva. The goldfinch can not be confused with the pintagol, which is a hybrid bird canary mixture with goldfish.

Measures 11 inches long. This small granívora bird is a bird well known, since it is a relatively easy species identification. Its black mask, only present in males, as well as yellow stains in the wings of the goldfish are quite colorful pattern with a bird and easily recognizable even in flight. The females have the head and lower side dilute olivaceous. The young males with a few months already have black spots on the head. During the spring, can be seen singing on top of trees, antennas, poles and roofs. In winter adds up often in sizeable flocks that can join hundreds of birds. In addition to its characteristic, perched or in flight singing, imitating the song of other birds.
It has a very wide fine chirping, ongoing very rapid; long stanzas interspersed imitations of other birds. Also sings in flight.

It feeds on seeds and small nuts, hard coating.

Both nests in the tops of the tallest pines as in coffee. The female builds the nest into a small bowl, with fine roots, uncoated or lined with feathers and horsehair, fork trees or bushes, the little ground clearance (3-4 meters). The eggs are white, with little sky-blue, sometimes with some brown spots and measure about 16 by 12 mm. Incubation is also the task female, the male may feed it during this period. Each litter is generally between 3 and 5 eggs having 2 to 4 litters per season. The chicks hatch after 13 days. It reaches sexual maturity at 10 months.

Live in open secondary forest, trees in plantations and gardens, pine forests, savannah. This songbird has become a rare bird, mainly due to intense persecution illegal trade in wild birds.

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