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** Threatened with extinction **

Species endemic to Brazil. The Rufous-pepper is a passerine bird in the family Cotingidae. Also known as spinning top potato; corocoxó-the-coast; trough.

Medium in size, with about 20 inches long, the corocoxó-the-coast presents the black-bluish whole head including neck and throat, as a cowl. The rest of the parts of the back is olive green and the chest merges tones also greenish, but much paler, becoming yellow in the abdomen, which is slightly barred next thigh. The females are very similar: instead of the black head, has a an olive-brown color.

The Rufous-pepper is frugivorous, ie feed on fruits, preferring the palm-juçara. Collecting them in the branches, through short assault flights. I once watched regurgitate the seeds of palm-juçara, common habit to tanagers.

Reproductive habits ...

Lives mainly in primary lowland forests and sandbanks. It can occur in forests up to 700 meters. It is endemic to the Atlantic Forest. Responds well to imitate their vocalization, quickly approaching the observer to defend its territory, showing its irritation often the treetops. The species is sedentary, and often found alone, selects certain local forest to sing.

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