quarta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2013



The tuim, also popularly called cuiúba, chuim, parakeet, pacu or papacum (Ceará), parakeet-of-are-joseph (north of Bahia) papacu or simply Tui, is the menorpsitacídeo Brazil.

It is the smallest bird family of parrots and parakeets in Brazil, whose body was green, a little darker on the back measures 12 inches long and weighs on average 26 grams. The nozzle is small and light gray. Has sexual dimorphism, a rare feature in the family Brazilian species. The male is yellowish-green, with a large blue area on the lower surface of the wing and the lower back; some feathers in the wing fold, shoulders, lower back, and coverts flows are of a blue-violet color. Forehead, crown and sides of the head more greenish; Green bottom tail. The female is totally green, and yellow on the head and flanks. The short form tail characteristic silhouette and differentiates tuim the parakeet.

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