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The Calafate (Lonchura oryzivora) is a bird known also by Java Sparrow, being dasIlhas originating from Bali and Java, Indonesia. Were introduced by sailors and travelers in other places like Borneo, China, Japan, Fiji, Malaysia and the Philippines. By feeding on rice and oats, undermined agricultural production and so were exterminated by the thousands.

The bird's name stands for "caulk" activity performed by sailors who met the cracks of boats with tow and pitch, closing them well. The Calafate builds its nest in a similar way, which has ball-shaped, well fenced and with a single opening.

They have several variations of colors and soft feathers. Are active and curious in nature and live in flocks. In Brazil, as in many other countries is found only in captivity, being created as exotic bird.

Its original color is black and white head with the body of the rest in two shades of gray. With selected crossings we find a wide variety of colors, including white birds entirely. Among these colors are they brown, gray, white, and variations and mixtures.

Can be up to 15 cm long.

Come millet, canary seed, oats and niger, and also feed granivorous. Water can not miss.

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