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Sabia blacksmith

Sabia blacksmith

The Rufous-smith is a passerine bird in the Turdidae family also known as Tease machete Tody and Pale-gray.
His name means the (Latin) Turdus = Thrush; and (Latin) = subalaris under the wings.

It measures about 21 centimeters. This thrush is more heard than seen. Voice, called tsek; corner metallic timbre; metallic screech and often repeated, that sounds variously with a hammer on the anvil, one towed old hinge or as a non-resonant bell.
Has the upper hand gray olive and anegrada head; the white throat, thick blast with almost black stripes. The gray breast, white belly. The brown female, like the thrush amaurochalinus (Creamy-bellied Thrush).

Eating habits: fruits and small arthropods.

The nest is built roughly with dry twigs, grass and cotton, shaped bowl raza on trees or shrubs and in certain places on the abandoned nests of other large birds. The nest center is lined with soft material. The eggs are blue-green with rust-colored spots. The female lays 3 to 4 eggs and sometimes hatching eggs of other birds. The couple is assisted by a third or fourth person in the flock, which may be years before pups that help in food and protection. Repel other birds nearby nest. The eggs hatch after 12 or 14 days and the chicks leave the nest with 11-14 days of life. The inside of the mouth of the puppies is yellow-orange.

He spends his time almost exclusively in the woods, where prefer the lower branches of the trees.

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