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collared Baiano

collared Baiano

The Baiano is also known as Beak-of-silver-collared Bahia, little head black, collared-São Paulo, papa-rice, grazledon (Natal / RN), grazledon-breasted-black, grazledon -capuchinho and little black dress. Live in open fields, shrubby clearings, cultivated fields, roadsides and high grasslands.
Its name means: (bird like seeds and having black neck).

Measures 11 inches long.
The male has a black hood over his head, in contrast to the tops oliváceas and the bottoms yellow. Also occur coleiros with the lower white parts.
The females have brown color, the color of the puppies. The male offspring acquire adult plumage with about 18 months old.
There are quite individual and regional variation in the corner (dialects) in Sporophila genre. The song is melodious, very nice.

Granivores. Do you usually feeders with seeds and corn grits.

Live in scattered pairs during the breeding season. Nests of grass in cup-shaped, thin-walled, located in low shrubs or small trees. Add 2 or 3 greenish or yellowish brown eggs with many points having 2 to 4 litters per season. The chicks hatch after 13 days. They reach sexual maturity at 10 months.

Sit in groups outside the breeding season, blending often the other birds that feed on seeds.

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