sábado, 29 de março de 2014

White eye Barranqueiro

Barranqueiro-to-eye white

The dweller of-White-eyed is a passerine bird in the Furnariidae family.

His name means the (Greek) = Automolus deserter, who flees; and the (Greek) leukos = white; and ophthalmos = with the eye, eye. ⇒ Deserter with white eye.


It measures 20 centimeters. Has white eyes and throat and rusty plumage.




It nests in tunnels and bounds, as is usual behavior of the species of Automolus genre.


It is abundant in secondary forests and barns. Regularly accompanies mixed flocks and Corrections web ants by the middle and lower strata, as a possible "nuclear species." Forests typical of eastern Brazil.

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