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The Tanager-of-tuft is a passerine bird in the tanager family. Also known as shocks of the woods virgin and xau-of-tuft.


It is characterized by having the yellow pileus contrasting with the black face. The back is gray, with black wings and tail. The female is presented without the black in the face and with little yellow in pileus.

Individuals with leucística plumage

What is leucismo?

The leucismo (λευκοσ the Greek Leucos, white) is a genetic characteristic due to a recessive gene, which confers usually white to dark animals.

The leucismo is different from albinism: the leucísticos animals are not more sensitive to the sun than any other. Rather, they are even slightly more resilient, since white color has a high albedo protecting over heat.

The leucismo the opposite is the melanism.


This species is dependent on forest area and feeds on fruits and insects.


Reproductive habits ...


It inhabits the interior of dense secondary forest, looking for insects. Usually in pairs or small mixed groups, also acting as nuclear species (acting as sentinel). This species, in addition to present association with mixed flocks of other birds and army ants, also were related to two species of monkeys to obtain food: Cebus and Alouatta fusca.

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