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Weeping CORNER VI teteu

Weeping CORNER VI teteu

The willow is a passerine bird in the Emberizidae family. Also known as beak-red (Holy Spirit), Cowboy (Minas Gerais), cicada the Chough, cicada-queen, Patativa-whiny, crybaby (Sao Paulo) or just Patativa (backlands of Paraiba).
Like all other members of Sporophila gender, can be called "grazledon" accompanied by some other adjective. Sporo is seed and phila comes from phyllo meaning affinity. really would be "that has affinity with seeds" or "grazledon". The term leucoptera means "wing-white" where, Leucos is white and is pteros wing.

Measured about 12.5 inches long. The male is gray on the upper parts and white in the lower and the female is brown-olive ridley at the tops and beige-brown in the lower; young people are gray.
The characteristic of the corner is an up melancholy whistle, repeated unhurried.

Granivorous. Like other birds of Gender, can attend feeders where grits is offered.

Have 2 to 3 offspring per station, with 2 to 3 eggs in each.

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