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The hacksaw is a passerine bird in the Emberizidae family. One of the most known and estimated birds of Brazil. Its name comes from the Tupi and derives from his calling. This bird and the sparrow are two common species in urban areas and many people confuse even hold easily perceivable differences. Among the known common names include: "jump-way" (Pernambuco and Paraíba inside), titiquinha and Ticão, gitica, ladybug-uncle-uncle (Sao Paulo), tiny bit (Paraná), Toinho (Paraíba - Region Seridó West) and piqui-my-god (south of Ceará).

Medium-sized bird that measures 15 centimeters in length. It has the compact body, wings and tail of regular size, legs and feet slender and tapered and strong beak. The dorsal color is brown-gray, and gray head with two black strips that run from the base jaw moving to the neck, it shares the central gray, also starting from the same base and extending toward the neck.
The faces are gray in color, with two black stripes on each side leading down to the neck region, starting from the back corner of the eye and another nozzle corner. Neck with a belted track-red rusty color that goes down to the sides of the chest high, where it meets a black spot.
Dorsal intermediate portion of brown-gray color with coverts, including wings with black spots and the rest of the low brown-gray back. At the meeting of the wings feathers end with white band. White throat, chest and abdomen whitish-gray, with lighter in the middle. It features a small tuft with fluted design on the head.

It feeds on seeds, buds, fruits, insects (beetles, ants, crickets, winged termites and larvae). Do you usually feeders with seeds and corn grits. It has also been seen eating dog food

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