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The tanager-true is a passerine bird in the Finch family. It is also known for beautiful-beautiful names, tanager-impersonator, tanager-ite, Guiratã (name for the female, in Rio de Janeiro), and guipara gaipava (names given to the female in Santa Catarina), guriatã (Maranhão), guriatã -of-banana (Pernambuco), there has de-star and has has true.

The tanager-true measures between 11 and 12 cm and weigh about 15g (male). The species show sexual dimorphism: The male has blue-metallic tops, a yellow spot on the forehead and yellow bottoms and the female represents the parties oliváceas green top and yellow-oliváceas lower.
One of the best imitators. A single male can manifest in a few minutes the voice 10-16 different bird species. Are perfect imitations, but translated into their own reduced vocal strength. The tanager repertoire becomes a true copy of the avifauna of the region in which you live.

Are social birds that feed on fruit and insects consume only rarely.
It has degenerated gizzard, that is, low mechanical processability of the diet. Food is little advantage and eliminated a few minutes after ingestion.

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