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John-cut wood

John-cut wood

The john-cut wood is a bird in the caprimulgiforme Caprimulgidae family.
Guimarães Rosa, in his short story "The Little Donkey Pedrês", mentions the bird in this passage:
"Was suddenly: Benevides the horse, who led the queue, passarinhou. The other empacavam, twisting their necks.
- What is something?
- It is the spirit desgramado this pet. Look how he sings!
- John, cut cock! John, cut cock! "

Calls attention to the long tail and a dark reddish brown color. The tail, broad, shows the three sentences each external side with the male yellowish balls only visible when opened in flight.

For hunting exclusively insects, birds of this group in the south of the continent often migrate north from the southern autumn (April). With the cold, insects diminish or disappear, forcing them to areas of the hottest continent and food supply, as the Pantanal, returning in October / November for the temperate part of the continent.

Reproductive habits ...

Lands on branches and fence posts, from which issues its characteristic song and best way to find it. The song can be transcribed as "John-cut stick", because of its common name. It is repeated continuously in the corner of season (end of year).

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