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mallards Wing-white

mallards Wing-white

The white-wing is a anseriforme bird in the Anatidae family. Also known as Black Bellied Whistling Duck and marajoara.

It is about 48 cm. His face is gray, the belly is black and has large white spot on the wing, visible only when the bird flies. Has beak and red feet. As a young man, is grayish brown, including beak and feet. Sexual dimorphism on the colorful little is pronounced.
Sound events: it has a whistle four to five syllables: "tjüi-tjüi-tji-tji-tji", repeated by gang members.

It feeds on small seeds and leaves, like rice, harvesting worms, insect larvae and small crustaceans.

Usually nest in hollow wooden, plumes of palmeia or soil. It sometimes happens that more than one female lay in the same nest.

Usually graze on grass low flooded and sometimes in mangroves. Perches regularly to rest. It is an outgoing bird may occur in large concentrations. It is observed huge flocks flying or basking in the sun on the edge of a dam. These gangs defend themselves diving, especially when the water is tense by the wind on those occasions occur sound pinions that increase the ping produced by the wings beats.

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