quarta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2013



The Australian parakeet or cockatiel-common ("Melopsittacus undulatus", Latin: Melo, sound, psittacus, the family of parrots and undulatus wavy because of wavy stripes gifts on his back) 1 is a species of bird belonging psitaciforme The family Psittacidae. It is a very popular pet in various parts of the world being born in Australia.

Australian parakeets-feed almost exclusively on grass seed when in its natural state. Are diurnal, since day seeking food to feed their young, and night rest, it is very important for them to sleep, as it did this in a right way can cause various health problems, especially when domesticated. In captivity, the diet is supplemented by vegetables, fruits, farinhadas and other food supplements. Vegetables they eat: Wet chicory, spinach; Eating fruits: banana, orange. It is recommended not to in any way avocado and apple seed, it contains substances harmful to health-Australian parakeets.

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