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black Bird

black Bird

Also known as: Gnorimopsar chopi, Grauna, Rufous-Grauna.


It measures 21.5 to 25,5cm.

Weight of 75 to 84g.

No sexual dimorphism.

It has all black body including eyes, beak and legs. Only in adulthood that arise feathers at eye redos.


Omnivore. It feeds on insects such as spiders and other invertebrates, as well as seeds and fruits.


You can either build its nest in hollow árovores, but also use the nests of other species (Rufous-clay, woodpecker).

Has typically 2 to 3 offspring per season sets in each 3 to 4 eggs. Incubation lasts 14 days, the male participates in the creation of the puppies, and after 18 days are able to leave the nest. At 18 months reach sexual maturity.

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