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Turtledove Fire extinguished

Turtledove Fire extinguished

Fire-erased is a columbiforme bird in the Columbidae family.
The name fire-erased is undoubtedly the best written translation for the song of this bird, one of the most typical sounds of "fields". Receives the popular names of dove-carijó, fire-paid (onomatopoeic), roll-Pedrês, Felix-Homeroom (Paraíba), Paruru and hen-of-God. On the most northern region of Northeast Brazil, precisely within the states of Rio Grande do Norte, Paraíba and Pernambuco, Columbina squammata is called by locals of dove-rattlesnake or dove-cascavilinha due to the plumage pattern recall the appearance of snake scales -cascavel (Crotalus durissus)

The most striking feature of this species is the scaled pattern of plumage, which provides camouflage. The base color is beige. When in flight you can see a white band at the base of the wing followed by white stripe side of the tail. It measures about 19 centimeters.

It feeds on the ground, walking with the belly almost dragging on the ground. When frightened, suddenly flies to nearby trees. A tree called Crindiuva (Trema micrantha), gives one of the fruits of this species favorite.

Makes kindling nest in cup format, usually 1 or 2 meters high, sometimes also on the ground. Add 2 egg whites.

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