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Bush canary

Bush canary

The canary of the woods is a passerine bird in the family Parulidae. Also known as pogo stick, pogo-yellow.
Scientific name: Basileuterus flaveolus⇒ yellow bird dressed as a king.

Sings very high, resembling a canary-Belgian origin to one of the common names. The other refers to the fact that hardly sit still. Responds to a good imitation of her singing or recording of it. Approaches to search the emission source and comes within inches, if the person does not move. It is characteristic his habit of singing with ajar tail and move it laterally to the opposite side of where the head is. The intense yellow plumage (another reason for the canary-eating fox name and origin of the name of the species - flaveolus = yellow) draws attention, especially with the contrast of the olive back. The yellow eyebrow stripe is also great help in the identification, along with the long yellow or orange legs. Black beak, moving on to a narrow dark stripe passing through eyes. No sexual dimorphism.

Very active, live couples looking for invertebrates among fallen leaves or in low antlers. Follow the ant correição, capturing the fleeing of small predatory invertebrates.

Sings all year, but more often between the months of July to December, breeding season.

Bird common in the lower floor and of riparian forests, dry forests and savanna forests. Appears in mixed flocks close to the ground, appearing to be something casual, unlike many species of birds.

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