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Chorley ox

Chorley ox

The ox-choro is a passerine bird in the family Thamnophilidae. It is a common species that inhabits the dense vegetation of the lower stratum coops, clearings and edges of forests with scrub vegetation, both in moist as dry regions. It usually lives in pairs, jumping amid tangles of vines and shrubs to a height 1-5 meters, which makes it difficult to observe. Its common names are varied: piorim, shocks, shocks ox, Chororó-eye-of-fire, khan-khan-of-fire.

The male is black on the back, in stark contrast to the white of the ventral region. Wings with striking white stripes and tail with white balls, also highlighted. In the female, all black plumage is replaced by reddish brown, with no white wings and tail. In both sexes, there is the intense red eyes of the adult bird.
In youth, the eyes are dark brown, although the plumage is already the corresponding sex to leave the nest. Keeps head feathers ruffled when active, in a characteristic tuft. It measures about 20 centimeters.

He lives in the lower stratum, hunting invertebrates in the branches and leaves. Rarely follows mixed flocks or ant-of-correição.

Builds a nest with fibers and roots in outstanding stock shape of a horizontal fork, characteristic of all the birds that family. Add 2 egg cream color, stained brown and lilac. Copying begins in July and runs until November / December. Male and female hatch the eggs and care for the young. Hatching, are completely hidden inside the nest, except for the head and tail tip.

Very present in the riparian areas of rivers, bays and corixos and in cerradões, cambarazais and dry forests. Lands on the ground or fallen branches. Gets used to human presence, using gardens and orchards and farms where it is not pursued or not there are domestic cats.
His singing is a registered trademark, interpreted as each of their common names. Despite several calls, marks the territory with a corner bass notes, a bit far apart at the beginning and accelerated the middle to the end. Ends the song with a different note, as if angry. The duration ranges up to several seconds of issue. Male and female emit the corner, responding to each other and to a reasonable imitation of the call. Approach to check the recorded corner or imitated.

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