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The japacanim is a passerine bird in the family Donacobiidae. Also known as batuquira or whistle-dog (Minas Gerais).
His name means the (Greek) = donax reed, cane; and bios = housing resident, who dwells; and (Latin) = stick black, matte black; and chapel, capillus = hair of the head. -Ave With black head that inhabits the reed.

It is a swamp bird, that is, is always associated with aquatic environments. It has the long, graduated tail, with the short, round wings. The head, back and wings are black. The breast and belly are yellow, including the iris. The beak and legs are black. Has a yellow stain on the neck. When the young japacanim has brown iris instead of yellow and lacks the yellow stain on neck.
Emits very strong and very varied cries: "schrra-tschrra". "Kra-kra", "Biak-Buik, BIA-Buik" TZA-TZA-TZA ... "" You-you-you ... "," gui-gui-gui ", ...

It feeds on insects.

Usually open and close the tail and swing it several times, sending loud cries. This is part of the couple's cutting ceremony. The eggs are rust-colored clear. Makes a deep basket bandaged with cobwebs, being attached to the tall grass or other plants a short time in the swamp or on the bank. The puppy is born after 17 days and leave the nest 17-18 days.

Lives in taboais, swamps, lakes, streams and reeds where you will find small organisms for food.

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