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The lace-maker is a passerine bird in the family of Pipridae. It is also known by the common names of atangara-tinga, bearded, bilreira, head-to-silver, Oriole, maria-lace-maker, monk, mongo, mono, nutcracker, lace-maker-white, tenant, tangaratinga uirapuru and Manakin (Santa Catarina ).

It measures 10-11 cm. Show sexual dimorphism. The male is black and white with pumpkin-colored legs; the female is green with yellow legs.

It feeds on fruits and insects.

During pre-nuptial dance, the males display-paras females in fast forward flight and back, causing similar to those produced in the making of snaps bobbin lace, earning him the popular name rendeira.

It is locally common in the lower stratum and the edges of forests, secondary forests, meadows and shrub sandbanks.

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