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The Yellow-chinned Spinetail is a bird in the passseriforme Furnariidae family. Known by several common names, such as: coat-of-leather, curuira-do- swamp, corrucheba.

Usually the furnarídeo swamp more frequent. Has the appearance of a Spix's Spinetail well rigid long tail. The upper parts brown ferrugíneas, bottoms whitish, chin with a yellow sulphurous speck that just stands out from a distance. It measures about 14 cm.
Hard "Krip"; monotonous stanza, hard and terminally downward, remembering the voice of Sana-brown (Laterallus melanophaius), but lower volume (corner); the couple sing a duet.


Their food consists of insects and their larvae, spiders, harvestmen and other arthropods and molluscs.

Builds its nest (made of sticks), in small bushes near aquatic environments. The nest is stuck on forks and side branches, in the shape of a bottle lying with the round bulge. Breeds almost every month of the year, putting 3 egg cream-clear. The chicks hatch after 14-15 days of incubation and about 18 days leave the nest.

He lives near aquatic environments. Move around in the soil jumping when you are looking for food.

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