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Popularly known as lower urinary tract disease, tingling thunder-storm or simply, aDrymophila ferruginea is a species of bird in Thamnophilidae family. It is endemic to Brazil.
Generally the birds of this family (Thamnophilidae) live in the forest understory, in a very particular micro-habitat. Therefore, the destruction and fragmentation of the Atlantic Forest may affect the species that is dependent on the integrity of these micro-environments to survive.

Is 14 inches long. Top of the black and white body, tail region above the nut, the bottom of the body color rust. Black wings with white spots, black tail with white painted tip. White list above and below the eye region.

Come arthropods in general: spiders, harvestmen, millipedes and centipedes, insect larvae. Usually follow army ants to feed on other insects that they frighten.

seeds and insects

It inhabits primary and secondary forests and subtropical or tropical understory of moist low and high altitude (800m 1200m), often associated with taquarais, tangles of vines and clearings.
Can be observed in couples, Getting around up in the branches bouncing and jumping.

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