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The toucan-pea-green is a piciforme and Ramphastidae family bird.

It is about 48 cm, much correspond to the nozzle. Weighs around 320 g to 400 g. Presents snouted and green beak. The serrated beak is well developed and enhanced by blood red. It is the only Ramphastos to present a sharp angle in the lower jaw of the base.
Are pursued by hunters for their meat. His voice is characterized by a sequence of "k", "rrät", "rräit".

It feeds on fruits of palm hearts Euterpes edulis, fruit of embaúba, cherry, arthropods and small vertebrates, and often feed on chicks and eggs in the nests of other birds.

Boot from 2 to 4 eggs, incubated for 18 days.

Live in forested areas, from the coast to the mountainous areas, including the upland forests.
It inhabits the canopy of tall forests, mainly in mountainous areas of the Atlantic, inside and edges. It was common throughout its range, and meanwhile become rare in many regions due to the destruction of their natural habitat. It is associated often with groups of toucan-beaked (Ramphastos vitellinus).

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