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The Chorley-winged-red is a passerine bird in the family Thamnophilidae. It is also known as Chorley-winged-redhead.

Measures 11.5 cm long and weighs 10.5 g. Presents very distinct plumage in relation to their gender, resembling more of certain species of Drymophila genre, of which disntinguem by yellow, belly common to both sexes or else certain Terenura of which are distinguished by facial pattern and the wings redheads. The top of the head color is different in the two sexes: male and black on brown-rufous in the female.

Lives in pairs, mainly watching mixed flocks of birds, both formed by insectivorous birds as fruit bats, looking for insects in tangles of vines in the canopy and the forest edge.

Reproductive habits ...

Varies uncommon to locally common in moist forests and salt marshes, Atlantic Forest, mesophile forests and upland forests.

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