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Velvet tip

Velvet tip

The pen-and-velvet is a passerine bird in the tanager family. It is also known as morning coffee, weevil-the-board, board Tanager (Natal / RN), fig, fig-velvet-bill, tanager-of-field, tanager-brown, Tanager Caboclo (Minas Gerais) left-velvet, fox, tiê-velvet and papa-orange (Minas Gerais).

The dorsal plumage is blue-gray, has a black mask on the face. At the bottom, throat, chest and belly are acanelados. The underbelly is white-gray. Species without sexual dimorphism.
Has a melodious song, repeated incessantly that can vary from region to region and is now "cleaner" now more "tangled". Length: 18 cm; Weight: 38 grams.

Granivorous. It feeds also fruit. Appreciates the fruits of Tapia or tanheiro (glandulosa Alchornea).

Occur between 2-3 clutches per season. Add 2-3 eggs. The incubation takes about 13 days. The pups are independent of 35-40 days.

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