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The niggling is a passerine bird in the family Rhynchocyclidae.

It is one of the least flycatcher, has only 7 cm. Its tail is short, the belly is yellow, white throat burst of black, green-brownish pileus, and head behind the ear whitish region located a large black spot.
His voice is quite thin, "tuc tuc-tuc-," and upward: "brrrü".

Their food consists of arthropods: insects, flies, etc.

Constructs closed nests in the form of a suspended bag with side inlet and protected by porch.

He lives on the edge of the forest. Usually erect lands. Your nervousness is terminated by sudden movements of wings, perched bird. Like taking shower of rain or on wet foliage. Ants can use in personal hygiene. Has the habit of sleeping in groups or seek a more sheltered place to spend the night.

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