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Also known as Alegrinho-the-east. The Alegrinho (subcristata Serpophaga) is a passerine bird in the Tyrannidae family. It is a small arboreal pope fly-eastern Brazil, almost always creepy pileus, easy to recognize, however due to its small size, its deleted and habits colors, is a bird difficult to detect.

Greater than the giggle, measures about 11 cm when the tuft bristles can notice the clear track flanked two dark gray bands. Usually keep it semi-erect. Stripe remarkable clear eyebrow, with a dark thread behind the eye. Yellowish belly, with the gray chest. Two light bands on the wings and long flight feathers with the clear edge. Species found in the foliage between 5 and 15 meters high, depending on the type of vegetation. Has a crest with white feathers hidden by the other; during prolonged disputes, white spot from crown is divided into two sides and rises in the posterior portion, making it evident. Still in territorial disputes, crouching, shaking wings and tail; when compared to individuals of the same species, buzzes caused by movement of the wings.
Speech: "zit-zit zerítitit", serving the diagnosis, tone Cranioleuca pallida; fine string "tzi-tzi-tzi ...".

It feeds on insects; makes use of a perch a short time, from where to catch them in the air, soil or vegetation.

The nest-shaped bowl is constructed to about 1 meter above the ground.

He lives in the upper forest canopy, moving almost at the tip of the branches, but still hidden by leaves. However, it is trusted and can be found on the edge of the woods in lower heights. Responds to a recording of your song, the first way to detect it.
Several called, but the most characteristic song consists of one or two high notes, spaced, followed by a sequence of rapid notes. Repeating continuously, giving rise to the common name.

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