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Bentevizinho of rusty wing

Bentevizinho of rusty wing

The bentevizinho-winged-rusty is a passerine bird in the Tyrannidae family.

Its identification is not easy. It has 17.5 cm. It is recognized by well anegrados sides of the head, the yellow or orange band on the pileus and the clearly ferrugíneas edges of pinions and rectrices. It has dark iris.
This species is easy to identify the voice. It has a mild prolonged whistle, "ü-ü", "ü-i-ü" call. "Zlílidi" corner. "Prrrü-prrrü, whisper of wings.
It is easily confused with the bentevizinho-de-plume-red (Myiozetetes similis), which can be differentiated only by visually pileus as example of two species below:

The food consists mostly of arthropods that are caught up with the tips of the jaws.

During mating performing characteristic statements. Perform flights during which they sing. The nests are spherical, with input side, solidly positions, and usually near vespeiros, or full of ants trees, ensuring the best way the security of the nest.

Inhabits trees in the vicinity of water. Usually erect lands. Your nervousness is terminated by sudden movements of wings. Like taking shower of rain or on wet foliage. Has the habit of sleeping in groups or seek a more sheltered place to spend the night. It's tough.

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