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The junkyard is a passerine bird in the Finch family. It is also known as mayor, harmonica, tanager-king (Minas Gerais), sawyer, Tietê chincharra and chimcharrinho.
His name means the (Greek) euphonia, euphony = Excellence tone; and (Latin) pectoralis, pectus = Concerning the chest. - (Little bird with brown chest); Latham- 1801.

It measures 11.5cm long and weighs about 16,5g (male).
The male with the upper limbs, throat and blue-metallic chest, contrasting with the brown belly and the female is an olive on the tops and gray on the lower, and the cap (pileus) blue, which is the immature green.
The corner is a chirp both a hoarse and his voice is strong and metallic "schri-schri-schri".

Frugivorous and insectivorous.

The gaturamos require maximum protection to reproduce. His spherical nests with side entrance, are made in sheltered places, like in the middle of a coconut tree plume or between gravatá leaves.
It reaches sexual maturity at 12 months.
Each litter is generally between 2 and 5 eggs, and 2 to 3 offspring per season. The young are born after 15 days.

It is common inside and edges of forests, up to the canopy. Live alone or in small groups, associating often to mixed flocks of birds.

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