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The Red-rumped Cacique is a passerine bird in the Icteridae family. Also known as Japiim-to-back-red, Japiim of the woods, japim-Red-rumped Cacique, japira.

The male measures 27 to 29.5 cm in length and the female 21.5 to 24 centimeters. Immature is color instead of black soot.
The voice is hoarse, mixed with whistles; noisy corner.


It takes 24-36 months to reach sexual maturity.
Only the female builds the nest-shaped bag with 40 to 70 inches long, in colonies with material of various vegetables and varied locations, and may be the little time on the water, on top of trees in the forest or palm trees the forest edges. Unlike Japiim does not usually make their colonies in association with japus. Add 2 to 3 points with egg white and reddish purple spots having 2 to 3 litters per breeding season. The Red-rumped Cacique tends to build several nests, but lay eggs in only one of them to deceive toucans and other predators.

The common rare varies in the pantry and wet forest edges (mainly in the Amazon on the mainland), dry forests and high gallery and barns. He lives in groups, being seen regularly at the edges of different forest habitats. Prefer downloaded warm with forests.

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