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The Swainson's Flycatcher is a passerine bird in the Tyrannidae family. Also known by names Irre or maria-Swainson's Flycatcher. Lives in the cerrado, edge of the forest and savanna forests, avoiding the internal areas of forest vegetation.

The tones of the head and neck are more faded than the back, visible feature under good lighting. The nozzle base, a very clear light area in the Pantanal population. Measures approximately 19 cm.

It feeds on fruits and arthropods.

In the reproductive period (August to December), couples are approaching and remain that way until the creation of offspring. It is characteristic of this genre build nests in hollow interior excavated by woodpeckers. The Cock-stick is who provides the holes for this construction. Loads leaf debris and grasses to the nest. The couple shocks and takes care of the puppies, which leave the nest plumage similar to adults, except for the reddish-brown contour of the tail feathers and brands of the same color on the wing.

Like the others, lives alone most of the year. The characteristic corner is a tearful call, short, repeated several times at short intervals. It's heard in the early morning.

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