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Juriti gemedeira

The Juriti-gemedeira is a columbiforme of columbidae family. It is also known as as Gemedeira, Roncadeira and Juriti.

Measures approximately 28 cm in length. Is distinguished from L. verreauxi to have the whitish forehead, also having neck and chest slightly pink. The absence of blue coloration in the regions of neck and back are a major factor to distinguish this species from L. verreauxi. Other form of identification is the corner. Based on the fact that the intervals between the edges of these species are different, with the range L. verreauxi around 9 or 10 (vocalizing "PU PU") and L. rufaxilla around 5 seconds (vocalizing "pu").

Like most of all columbiformes, has eating habits similar to other species of the genus Columba, Leptotila and Geotrygon.

Is typical of doves nest made of twigs and sticks reinforced by feces located a short height (1.5 m) at the forest edge. Add 2 egg whites.

Unlike its counterpart, is more forest, preferring closed and dense understory of secondary forests, mesophile forests, dry forests, subtropical forests, Araucaria forests, riparian forests and Atlantic Forest hillside and coastal plains. Vocalizes a melancholy "pu", very similar so the violacea Geotrygon and Geotrygon montana, normally present in the same locations.

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