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John Spix's Spinetail

John Spix's Spinetail

The Spix's Spinetail is a passerine bird in the Furnariidae family. Also known as bentereré, bentererê, guampiriri, john-tiriri seven-clique.

With only 16 cm and weighing 14 grams, the Spix's Spinetail is very friendly. It has rust color on top of the head and wings; its tail is long, graduated with brownish color. The bases of the gray throat feathers are black. The back and lower body parts are brown-oliváceas. The Spix's Spinetail young has no rust color on the head and wings.
It is easily recognized by his corner - "bentereré, bentereré ..." reminding "Spix's Spinetail" issued several times.

It feeds on low branches, sometimes jumping on the ground.

Its nest is a dense, long pile of sticks, with side access, built inside bushes. Add up to three eggs in a clear dirty color.

Inhabits fields and bush areas, forest edges, high fields and areas close to homes. Usually jump or sneak through the denser vegetation, perching in the open only to sing.

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